# Session Service Management

# Clear Study View User settings

# Using kubernetes:

Go inside session service pod (replace CBIOPORTAL_SESSION_SERVICE_MONGO_POD_ID with your session service pod id):

kubectl exec  -it CBIOPORTAL_SESSION_SERVICE_MONGO_POD_ID  -- /bin/sh -c 'mongo admin -u root -p ${MONGODB_ROOT_PASSWORD}'

Choose database:

use session_service;

(Optional) Make sure there are matching records to remove (replace PORTAL_SOURCE with correct text, one can find it in session.service.url, e.g. public_portal)

db.settings.find({ "source": "PORTAL_SOURCE", "data.page": "study_view" }).count();

Remove user settings in study view:

db.settings.remove({ "source": "PORTAL_SOURCE", "data.page": "study_view" });

# Using docker-compose:

Go inside session service container (replace CBIOPORTAL_SESSION_SERVICE_MONGO_CONTAINER_ID with your session service database container id):


Then follow the same procedure described in the Using kubernetes section.