Welcome to the documentation for cBioPortal! Below you can find an index of all available documentation to help you to deploy and maintain a local instance of cBioPortal, as well as information on how to upload data. Specific pages are also available for developers. For details on contributing code changes and pull-requests to cBioPortal, please see our CONTRIBUTING Doc.
We also maintain an active list of RFCs (Requests for Comments) where we describe new features and solicit community feedback.

1. General

2. cBioPortal Deployment

2.1 Deployment

2.1.2 Deploy without Docker

2.2 Authorization and Authentication

2.3 Customization

2.4 Integration with Other Webservices

3. cBioPortal Maintenance

4. Development

5. Data Loading

5.1 Data Loading

5.2 Datasets

6. Web API and Clients

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