# Build with different frontend versions

Maven will build cBioPortal with a cBioPortal-frontend version and git repository url as determined by respectively the frontend.version and frontend.groupId parameters in the root POM.xml.


To build cBioPortal with a different frontend version different values for frontend.version and frontend.groupId parameters can be specified as part of the maven install command. For example:

mvn clean -DskipTests install -Dfrontend.version=93d9cbcbf007ff620ab51ef5af5927a0eb1ebed4 -Dfrontend.groupId=com.github.thehyve


  • The frontend.version parameter allows release tags (e.g. 'v2.1.0') and commit sha-hashes (e.g., '93d9cbcb').
  • The frontend.groupId is a reversed, dot-separated derivative of the git url. Git repository location github.com/cbioportal is represented by the com.github.cbioportal groupId.