# Deploying the Web Application

# Before running cbioportal backend

You will need to update the src/main/resources/applications.properties to include your DB connection information.

The configuration defined in application.properties can also be passed as command line arguments. The priority of property loading is as follows:

  1. -D command line parameters overrides all
  2. src/main/resources/application.properties
  3. application.properties supplied at compile time
  4. Defaults defined in code

Note that the authenticate property is currently required to be set as a command line argument, it won't work when set in application.properties (See issue #6109).

Some scripts require a ${PORTAL_HOME}/application.properties file, so it is best to define the properties there.

For more information about the application.properties file, see the reference page.

# Run the cbioportal backend

To run the backend execute the following commabd

java -jar target/cbioportal-exec.jar

This runs the app in the foreground. If a port is already in use it will raise an error mentioning that. To change the port use the --server.port flag.

There are three main ways to run the portal: without authentication, with optional login, and with required login. All of them require the cBioPortal session service to be running.

# Without authentication

In this mode users are able to use the portal, but they won't be able to save their own virtual studies and groups.

java -jar target/cbioportal-exec.jar -Dauthenticate=false

# With authentication

To configure the authentication and authorization please consult the Authorization and Authentication Sections.