This page describes the various files available for download.

Seed Database

The seed database is a MySQL dump for seeding a new instance of the cBioPortal. Instructions for loading the seed database can be found here. The seed database for human can be downloaded from cBioPortal Datahub. A mouse version can be found here.

Study staging files

Staging files for the studies on can be download from the Data Sets section. These studies can be validated and loaded in a local cBioPortal instances using the validator and importer. Any issues with a downloaded study can be reported on cBioPortal DataHub.

Example studies

TCGA Provisional studies often contain many different data types. These are excellent examples to use as reference when creating your own staging files. A detailed description on supported data types can be found in the File Formats documentation.

Complete cBioPortal database

A MySQL database dump of the complete database can be found here: