Using the Data Manager to Get Data and Set Session Parameters

The Data Manager is designed to handle all the data needs of a query session, as well as the OncoQueryLanguage (OQL) functionality and properties. As of now it is only a place to get data, but soon it will also be a place to set session parameters. It is accessible via the global property window.PortalDataManager.



Returns the active OQL query.


Returns the genes in the active OQL query.


Returns the genetic profile ids currently queried.


Returns the sample ids currently queried.


Returns the cancer studies currently queried.


Returns oncoprint-formatted data (always having the properties 'sample' and 'gene', sometimes having the properties 'mutation', 'mut_type', 'cna', 'prot', and 'na', among potentially others (this list may not be up to date)).


Returns the ids of altered samples among those currently queried.


Returns the ids of unaltered samples among those currently queried.


Returns a list of the clinical attributes for which there is data for the queried samples (see The API and API Client for the form of the returned objects).

getSampleClinicalData(Array[String] attribute_ids):Promise[Array[Object]]

Returns sample clinical data for the given attribute ids for the currently queried samples (see The API and API Client for the form of the returned objects).