Import data with Docker

Import data instructions ##

This is an example to import a sample study: study_es_0. When trying to import other studies, please follow the same routine:

  1. import gene panels (if applicable, studies without gene panels are assumed to be whole exome/genome)

  2. import study data

Step 1 - Import gene panels

To import gene panels for your study, please reference the example commands in this file

These are the commands for importing study_es_0 gene panels (data_gene_panel_testpanel1 and data_gene_panel_testpanel2):

docker-compose run \
cbioportal \
bash -c 'cd /cbioportal/core/src/main/scripts/ && ./ --data /cbioportal/core/src/test/scripts/test_data/study_es_0/data_gene_panel_testpanel1.txt'
docker-compose run \
cbioportal \
bash -c 'cd /cbioportal/core/src/main/scripts/ && ./ --data /cbioportal/core/src/test/scripts/test_data/study_es_0/data_gene_panel_testpanel2.txt'

Step 2 - Import data

To import data for your study, please reference the example commands in this file

Command for importing study_es_0 data:

docker-compose run cbioportal -u http://cbioportal:8080 -s /cbioportal/core/src/test/scripts/test_data/study_es_0 -o

:warning: after importing a study, remember to restart cbioportal to see the study on the home page. Run docker-compose restart cbioportal.

You have now imported the test study study_es_0. Note that this study is included inside the cbioportal container. The process for adding a study that is outside of the container is similar. Just make sure to add the data files in the ./study folder. This folder is mounted as /study/ inside of the container.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gene panel ID is not in database

If you see an error like this when you importing the data: ERROR: data_gene_panel_matrix.txt: lines [2, 3, 4, (10 more)]: Gene panel ID is not in database. Please import this gene panel before loading study data.; values encountered: ['TESTPANEL1', 'TESTPANEL2']

please follow the first step to import gene panels (e.g. import data_gene_panel_testpanel1 and data_gene_panel_testpanel2 for study_es_0), then try to import the data again.

Error occurred during validation step

Please make sure the seed database was correctly imported.

Study imported correctly, but got error when trying to query something

Remember to restart the cbioportal after data imported.

docker-compose restart cbioportal

Import GRCh38 data

If you are importing GRCh38 data, please remember to add -ncbi 38 in your importing data command. The -ncbi is set to 37 by default, adding -ncbi 37 is optional for importing GRCh37 data.

Description for other parameters can be found by running docker-compose run cbioportal -h or following this link